The Bling Ring. Urgh.

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Visual Binge

Okay so I’ve been sitting on this post for a while and I feel like I am finally ready to talk about it.

I actually saw this monstrosity on its release date-wondered why there was an empty cinema- and realised everyone else must have done their much needed research before risking 90 minutes of their lives.

First of all, I have to say it has been a LONG time coming that I have been excitedly anticipating this film. I had really high hopes for it. This is one of those films that the trailer and publicity did too much justice for.

The Bling Ring, directed by Sophia Coppola, retells the true story of a group of teens’ Hollywood heist adventures in 2008-2009—and let me tell you half way through a sentence there is no spoiler alert cos there’s no actual way to spoil this film—breaking into the houses of celebrities…

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Oh btw

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human beings the zhit i reblog is mine from my other blogue.


Visual Binge

Warning : Please prepare for gushing whenever this programme is mentioned.

Writing about a show in retrospect might seem strange when there is an ever-flowing sea of new material being released left right and centre…but The L Word is one of those programmes that, although successful and popular in its own right- should never be left to fall back into the shadows.

I only discovered it maybe a month ago, and have devoured it as fast as possible. Which is quite upsetting because now I feel a bereavement almost reminiscent of that which I experienced after the. ..devastating wrap of …I loath to even speak of it…Desperate Housewives (R.I.P you will eternally be missed.)

*Hour of silence*

But sorry, this post isn’t about D.H. It is about this absolute gem of a masterpiece that I have only just stumbled across and can only hope to persuade you and push you…

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Visual Binge

As a general rule of thumb, I believe everything sounds better in French. However, it isn’t actually because of how damn pretty the lingo is that I have fallen in love with The Returned.

It is a new so-called ‘French Zombie Drama’ on Channel  4, created by Fabrice Gobert. That description, I feel, does the show absolutely no justice because the word zombie has connotations of something quite…Twilight or Teen Drama-esque, which this certainly is not.

In one word, this show is rather sombre. But I like sombre.

It is set in a small, remote Alpine village- which provides for a breath-taking and  beautifully melancholic landscape, perfect for the gothic undertones that this show deals with. It follows a number of inhabitants of this village (for now anyway, not sure whether the scope will widen as the series develops) who return to their homes and families…after some years of being…

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Is Beyonce singing (I say beyons cos we all know the rest are irrelevant) about a mythical creature?

All I’m hearing these days is how women no longer need men, are supporting themselves etc etc. Which is great.

A great loada zhit.

No but really, if that is actually the case then I genuinely just want to know, why are we all still putting in such a vast amount of effort into impressing men? The standard of hair clothes and make-up has gone wayyyyy up in the past couple of years, so unless your trying to lure men in…what is actually going on?

Are you…

1) Just beautiful, you can’t help it-its NOT YOUR FAULT. In which case I can’t blame you but I can hate you so please excuse yourself from this post.

2)Just super dooper trooper into make-up and fashion.Yeah but why? What is your hidden agenda you artist you?


*feels genuinely repulsed.*

4) Want the approval of other women. Lies you just want them all to envy you and hate on you so you can be like ” 😦 Why do girls hate me….. ….*pointed look at you* like….I just dont understand what it is….*keeps studying your face intently with huge eyes* oh no no its not jealousy………………………………..nothing to be jealous of *can barely be understood through intense pouting of lips*

My point is—if a woman wants to look beautiful for any multitude of reasons, that’s expected, and fine. Do not let other people make you feel ashamed of your reasons. You can still have Beyonce be referring to you whilst wanting to look pretty-look at the bitch herself. As if she doesn’t exist solely to make men want her and women worship her every sneeze.

And so-Independence and wanting a man (to at least approve of your face) are not mutually exclusive.

Look at this pretty bitch being all strong and female-empowerment and shit.

So in reality my dear…

You DONT have to look like this to be a feminist

K I’m here, im queer (nt) and I’m not going no where.

Lies upon lies.

Firsta all I cannot believe I did the last post that I wrote,forgot,and have been dumb enough to give the link to this blog on some app forms.

Anyway— To all of you invisible folk–Its time I started writing bout my one true love. FilmnTv. I will however be creating a new blog for that- but for now- welcome to my first post:

So I’m gonna write about it quite late in the game, but I s’pose there’s no point in going back in time to talk about the beginnings of pretty little liars.

Let me tell you from now SPOILER ALERT if you haven’t started season 4.

If you haven’t watched it before- I demand you drop what your doing right now, get off this blog, throw away your food, fuck your work, stand your boyfriend up—Put it on. NNNNoowww. *Deep scary floor quaking voice .*

Pretty Little Liars is one of those shows I truly have a soft spot for. Like I feel the same kind of excitement I do when I know a new episode is up as I do when I’m about to have Ice Cream. Which is a lot. (Eating Hagen-Daz as I speak, so imagine…)

It holds a special place in my heart ‘cause it got me through my desperate housewives grieving period. I’m still not completely over that tbh, but PLL has softened the blow that shattered my heart into a million pieces.

So I’ve had mixed emotions throughout the first 3 seasons of PPL, completely and utterly infatuated with everything to do with it and really…dreading the day it would come to an end, cos I don’t really know if I can go through that again. But when the end of season 3 came about, I kind of started to feel apprehensive about how many more seasons there would be. Would it drag on? Surely there can’t be that many surprises left, almost everyone ever and their evil twin (ahem) seems to be in the A-team.

Having just watched the first episode of season 4, I will say things are becoming slightly very obvious to me with this whole “red coat” business- but thankfully there are still so many unanswered questions keeping me on my toes. I for one have never believed Alison was dead. But someone died that looked like Alison, which leads me to believe there is a twin involved. Who killed which one though, and why? And is it all one sick twisted game?

I quite like the fact Mona is involved with the foursome now, although in real life I would absolutely never let that happen … dudes she blatantly tried to kill you a million times, looked like she had the intent for malice aforethought (I feel like using legal terms I gathered during my studies to make it feel like my Law Degree is relevant to my life) even if it was by some form of duress (ok I’ll stop.) Oh and she went to a mental hospital. But nah it’s cool, just let her tag along in your murder mystery. Idiots.

But anyway, whatever, so they’re being bimbos and letting her in even if she might be like quadroople bluffing about where her loyalties lie …

The Ezra/Aria thing. Glad that’s over. Such a CREEPY and boring relationship. How was that ever acceptable? I hope she meets someone new at last. And he needs to stop tryna work at that school , he already ruined his rep how can he even show face again?

Whats Toby upto? What happened to his mum and why can I not for the life of me remember anything to do with her? This kind of thing happened with Desperate Housewives with the zillion twists and story lines.

Spencer, shut up. Is she meant to be as annoying a character as she’s being portrayed?? Can  I just one million times emphasise how much I felt to claw her eyes out when she was having that ‘romantic’ breakfast with Toby? Acting like he’s her new bf? Even heeee looked like he was thinking “Ew.”

I loved it when Toby was seemingly evil and betrayed her and left her as a pathetic heap of crying mess, probably one of his finest moments. Emily and Paige- are you really still seeing each other? And how can Paige just expect her to up and leave to Stanford like that as if her own plans just aren’t important enough?

Anyway I won’t say too much about what happens in this episode in case you’re a rebel and wanted to read this before watching.


Don’t always gots a title…

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Sooo, now that I am a “early-career” journalist I am apparently expected to blog,twitter.shove my words in your face a lot more.


Shouldn’t be too hard I s’pose.


… *tumbleweed*